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At FSi Plumbing, we are one of the top suppliers of Gas Piping in Western MA. Looking to make better use of the fireplace you never use? FSi can run gas piping for a new gas fireplace. Tired of lugging bottles for your outdoor grille? FSi can install a gas connection outlet so you never have to run out and buy more gas!

Running a gas supply line or gas pipe is a convenient and easy way to get the most out of any home heating or plumbing appliance. Gas pipes can provide versatility to your home which allows you to use various appliances. It can be used for your home’s water heater, cooking meals, drying your family’s clothes, and more.

Looking to convert to propane, or need to enlarge your existing capacity. FSi does that too!


Benefits to Gas Piping

What the majority of individuals fail to realize is how effective gas piping is, and how much of an asset it can be to their homes. More than 60 percent of electricity is lost in translation and conduction so that it can be distributed throughout your home.

Another important benefit to gas piping to remember is that when you have gas pipes that supply your home, losing power is no issue. Any gas-issued appliance like stoves, or boilers, will not stop working if the electricity goes out because there is no need for power to operate them efficiently. To make sure the gas pipes are doing their job, it is important that they get routine maintenance and inspections done to ensure that they’re working properly.

Natural gas is what flows through gas piping. This kind of piping can be used to heat your swimming pool, your hot tub, or it can be used for your outdoor gaslighting. It is one of the most affordable and easiest ways to save money. Electric furnaces usually will run year-round, but when you have a gas furnace it gets turned off for the seasons that it is not in use.

It’s also better for the environment! FSi Plumbing supports green initiatives by using natural gas that burns clean. Natural gas is the most efficient resource to use for your home. There is always an abundance of natural gas meaning you’ll never run out. It produces way less pollution than other forms of gas.

To learn more about how gas piping could help your home, Contact FSi in South Hadley, today!


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