Plumbing FAQs

Should I shut my outside faucets off in the colder months?

Yes! Always shut off your outside faucets at the inside of the house and DO NOT leave hoses attached all winter long! If you do not have working shut offs inside the house, give us a call

I want a new toilet, what do I do?

FSi works with several different showrooms throughout the area. Degrees of Comfort in Northampton 413-247-5311, Frank Webbs in Springfield 413-726-9950 and Northampton 413-586-8003, The Plumbers Showcase in Chicopee 413-736-5484, Bath & Kitchen Gallery in West Springfield 413-642-2318 and Baystate Plumbing 413-733-6696.

Should I insulate the pipes in my basement?

Insulating cold water pipes in your basement will help prevent them from sweating (or dripping condensate) in the summer time. Insulating hot water pipes in your basement will help deliver more efficient hot water to your shower in the winter time. So yes, great idea!

Does FSi replace sump pumps?

Yes we do! If you have a sump pump that is old, we would be happy to replace it. If you do not have a sump pump but have problems with water in your basement, give us a call and we can walk you through some solutions.

Can I put a gas fireplace insert in my existing wood fireplace?

If you have natural or propane gas in your home and you have a wood fireplace, chances are you can. FSi has done hundreds of these types of installations. Please give us a call and we can inspect your gas lines and see if it will work for you.

What can go down my garbage disposal?

Any soft item that is edible is able to go down a garbage disposal. No plastic, no paper, no bone, and no coffee grounds should go down it because it may cause the motor to malfunction. 

Plumbing Services

We offer service and repair on all plumbing equipment, whether it’s plumbing conversions, updating fixtures or putting in completely new plumbing systems.

Water Treatment Services

You can protect your plumbing and appliances when you use a home water filtration system. Heavy metals, minerals and chemicals in unfiltered water can all cause gradual damage.

Water Heaters

You can have confidence that the certified and experienced FSi technician who arrives at your home to install your new water heater has been thoroughly trained to do the job.