Water Heaters FAQs

How long do water heaters last?

Most tank type water heater (electric, natural gas, propane gas and oil) manufacturers suggest that the tanks can last about 7-11 years.

Is there any way to increase the life of my water heater?

It is suggested that draining down a tank type water heater yearly in order to decrease the amount of sediment that settles to the bottom in order to improve efficiency and prevent excess corrosion.

Is a tankless water heater right for me?

Tankless water heaters offer far more efficiency and last longer than traditional tank type water heaters. However, they are more expensive and installation challenges need to be considered. The most efficient and cost-effective tankless water heaters are usually fired by natural or propane gas. If you already have this type of gas in your home, call and we can give you a cost estimate. See our water heater page for more details, or if interested in propane gas, see our Fuel Services propane page.

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Water Heaters

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